Aims of the Pastoralists’ Association

The P.A.W.D. objective is to preserve and promote pastoral and agricultural enterprises in the Western Division of NSW and as a union of employers seeks to represent it’s members on all industrial matters. Also on behalf of its members it lobbies and negotiates with Governments Federal , State and local plus their departments, and statutory bodies and corporations whose business is related to primary industry:

  • on environmental issues
  • for improved rural communications
  • for improved roads and transport
  • provision of electricity
  • fuel costs
  • transport costs
  • on kangaroo management
  • Monitor Native Title Claims
  • Public Liability Insurance reform
  • eradication of exotic livestock diseases
  • for the improved marketing of Commodities
  • for  improved care and welfare of Livestock
  • for improvement of economic prospects 
  • and many other issues which arise from time to time.

Activities of the Pastoralists’ Association

The P.A.W.D. has lobbied on behalf of its members:





  • With input for the positive benefits incorporated in the Western Lands (Amendment) Bill
  • For fair and equitable Western Lands Rental
  • In 1992 achieved the extension of the rural power grid to the Far West of NSW
  • For more equitable tax laws and improved tax incentives for land conservation works, water reticulation and conservation and rural power.
  • For more responsible management of Public Lands – National Parks.
  • For recognition of public benefits of Soil Conservation and Land-care works.
  • For the recognition of rabbit ripping as a soil conservation management program.
  • For improved educational opportunities for members and their families.
  • Lobbied and was successful in extending the power grid to all parts of Far Western NSW.
  • For responsible water management.
  • On issues relating to transport subsidies and animal health – OJD & NLIS
  • To continue to resist the incorporation of the Unincorporated Area.
  • To continue to have involvement in the development of the Race Course for Agfair Field Days and other Community Functions.
  • Live Sheep Export Trade – Lifting the May to October ban on Pastoral Sheep
  • Lobby for Drought Assistance Packages- Western Lands Rent Waiver,
    Wild Dog Destruction Board Rates paid, Livestock Freight Subsidies,
    Appointment of extra Rural Counsellors
  • Working to update the Mining Exploration Access Agreements – Mining
    Act 1992 No. 29
  • Working in conjunction with Catchment Management Authorities
  • Support for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
  • Working with Telecommunication providers to upgrade and expand
    infrastructure in the bush.

The Pastoralists’Association  has representation on:

  • The Wild Dog Destruction Board
  • Western Lands Advisory Council
  • National Parks and Wildlife Kangaroo Management Advisory Panel
  • University of NSW Fowlers Gap Management and Graziers Committee
  • PAWD has assisted in the establishment of a Rural Counselling Service and had representation on the Management Board.
  • PAWD was involved in the development of the Broken Hill Race Course for the inaugural Agfair in 1990
  • PAWD continues to have involvement in the development of the Race Course for Agfair Field Days and other Community Functions
  • Broken Hill Agfair  Inc. Committee.
  • Country Energy Regional Area Board.
  • The Live Sheep Export Trade
  • Legal Road Network
  • The Unincorporated Area Road Network Reference Group Workshop.
  • Kangaroo Management Advisory Panel.
  • Police Accountability & Community Team
  • Observer status on NSW Farmers Western Division Council

Other Areas of Involvement Include:

  • Support of soil conservation works, land-care and rabbit control programs
  • Hosting tours of the area with environmental groups to demonstrate the condition of grazing lands.
  • Life membership of the Stockman’s Hall of Fame.
  • Hosting the Annual End of Year Dinner Dance for members and friends.
  • Agfair Biennial Field Days


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